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          ubet89 ทาง เข้า

          We are your one-stop provider of software development and consulting services. Our cross-functional team of designers, software architects, engineers and managers work together to create tailor-made digital systems that bring value to you and your customers.

          OUR SERVICES

          Our custom software solutions help you achieve your business goals and surprise you when they surpass your expectations.
          Mobile App Development

          Native and cross-platform mobile applications with the best balance of functionality, usability and pixel-perfect design.

          Web Development

          Custom websites, web applications and high-load web systems and interfaces of any complexity and scale.

          UX/UI Design

          Elegant, functional and enjoyable user experiences across web, mobile, chat and voice that don’t lose relevance over time.

          IoT Software Development

          Middleware and ETL pipeline engineering, data analytics and visualization tools, practical web and mobile applications for IoT.

          WHY DIGITEUM

          Broad tech stack and leading-edge expertise

          You will work with senior engineers, designers and tech leaders with immense experience and a wide skill set. Being proactive and honest is our thing — we are confident and responsible for every course of action, technology and approach we suggest. Choosing Digiteum you opt for a tech partner who puts your business goals first and knows how to build value, not just code.

          Time-tested process in step with modern remote-friendly practices

          We have been in custom software application development for more than a decade. Over these years, we have created a well-defined process and communication principles that let us build trust and stay connected with our clients. We stick to the best practices of remote collaboration, organize personal meetings with the client’s teams and management and maintain a broad presence with offices in major European tech hubs, including Gdansk and Minsk.

          Fast kick-off, agility and immediate response to changes

          Time is worth more than money, especially in the current realities and shifting landscape of the market. We know that. Therefore, we start your project within 1-3 weeks and respond flexibly to changes. You can expect quick ramp-up and ramp-down on demand, time and cost efficiency approach, and importantly, full commitment and focus on the result.

          They are technically excellent, have an agile process in place and are always looking for ‘win-win’ opportunities. The team is incredibly honest, hard working and has been a source of new ideas and improvements. I cannot recommend them enough.

          David Zack,

          Director of Engineering at Diaceutics

          Does it look like a good match? LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR PROJECT

          OUR PROCESS

          Our process is founded on the best practices of agile management and iterative software development. It is transparent, flexible and allows to keep everyone in the loop and control cost efficiency. It also ensures every digital product and service we build evolves as requirements
          and market reality change.

          step 1 BUSINESS ANALYSIS
          We gather requirements, take a deep dive into your market and set out priorities based on your business goals. At this step, we map project scope, figure out the competence, assign the team and put together the communication plan and delivery practices that best suit your expectations and needs.
          step 2 IDEATION AND DESIGN
          Your system begins to take shape. UX flow and black-and-white wireframes grow to a kit of finished UI designs. We take into consideration the unique identity and personality of your brand, industry standards, trends and the best of user-centric design.
          step 3 DEVELOPMENT
          We develop your system iteratively, make regular tests and adjust our approach depending on the real data and feedback. Our teams use the latest engineering and deployment techniques to make sure the development process is efficient, secure and fail-safe.
          step 4 DELIVERY
          Your system is ready to roll-out. We take the time to integrate it into your digital infrastructure and business process. We monitor the new system in action, ensure everything works as it should, collect and use performance insights and offer opportunities for future optimization.

          Looking for skilled engineers to augment your team or a full-stack software product development company that could take on your idea and build a functional system from scratch? Let’s talk!

          CASE STUDIES

          As a custom software development company, we have been a trusted tech partner for enterprises, breakthrough startups, organizations and companies that make an impact on the economies, environment and industries around the world.

          Digiteum has been a trusted technology partner of the leading US photo laboratory for more than a decade. We help Printique maintain its operational excellence and technological edge and make sure the company’s technology infrastructure, online services and e-commerce experience are high-performing and top-notch.

          Among the services we provide are high-load web system development and maintenance, integrations with third-party services, design and development of new digital products and services, ETL pipeline development, data visualization and analytics, quality assurance and ongoing tech support.

          Digiteum built our online photo processing system, e-commerce, and photo lab workflow systems, and they have continuously supported us through years of growth. The technological agility that the team provides is our biggest market strength. The project management, design, and development that they provide is second to none.

          David Nicoletti,
          former CMO & Product Owner,
          Printique — An Adorama Company

          The Printique photo printing service boasts a superior web interface.

          PCMag The Latest Technology Product Reviews, News, Tips, and Deals

          Digiteum has been an official tech partner of the Oxford Languages division of Oxford University Press for over 5 years. The team has participated in a range of design and development projects, including the development of complex frameworks and solutions for lexical data processing, website rebranding, API and chatbot development.

          If I ask them to build something or take on a project, they’ll come back and suggest enhancements. I enjoy the fact that they’ll ask if we’ve thought about doing something else or we could do it faster if we drop these features to get it to market so you could test it. They will tell me if they think I’m going in the wrong direction. I really appreciate that.

          David Zack,

          Director of Engineering at Diaceutics,
          former Technology Director at Oxford University Press

          Thinking of You

          A UK-based startup, Thinking of You created a brand new way for the like-minded people to stay connected and support the charities using mobile apps. The company had a raw version of a cross-platform mobile donation application that required review, testing, fixing and upgrade.

          Digiteum helped Thinking of You put their React Native application together and roll it out. After months of collaboration — debugging, development and testing — Digiteum team transformed a nonperforming mobile app into an operating product, enhanced its functionality and helped put it on the market.

          Thinking of You is a start-up challenger brand in the UK, and therefore we have quite different needs from ‘the big corporate’. Michael and the team at Digiteum are proactive, diligent, smart, pragmatic, flexible and efficient. And when they say they’re ‘on it’, we know they really are — and trust them in how they go about supporting our business.
          Johnny Pitt
          Founder, Thinking of You

          How Do I? is a group of assistive technology advocates and innovators who have focused efforts on creating digital tools for people with mental health and learning disabilities.

          Digiteum has been a part of this impactful project for many years and developed and deployed several native iOS and Android applications, including video learning apps for dementia patients, a supporting video editor for caregivers and an award-winning app for people with learning difficulties.

          “We have always found their team to be highly skilled, responsive, and incredibly knowledgeable. We see them as a key part of our team, despite them operating independently from us. We trust them entirely and can rely on them to deliver on time, and to always impress us with the quality of their work and their understanding of our business needs.”

          “Digiteum consistently exceed our expectations.”

          Taryl Law
          CEO & Co-founder, How Do I?

          OUR CLIENTS

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